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Get Prequalified for Your New Home Today!

Updated: May 2

We are here to help! Meet with our preferred lender to get prequalified and estimate your monthly mortgage payment. First-time home buyer? Learn about a grant program... up to $25K!

Here's why now is still an excellent time to invest in a new build home from Remington Homes:

Home Ownership vs Renting

Is it better to pay 8% in interest or 100% in rent? With the current interest rate trends, the cost of waiting might surprise you. Owning a home is an investment in your future, while renting is an expense that doesn't build equity.

The cost of waiting to buy your first home

Waiting for lower interest rates might cost you more in the long run. The potential appreciation of a home's value can outpace the extra interest paid, making today's 8% interest rate a smart move compared to waiting for uncertain drops.

Home Builder Incentives

Remington Homes is here to help you with our preferred lenders! They offer incentives to buy down the interest rate, making your monthly payments more affordable. Plus, they can help with closing costs and grant programs for qualified buyers.

Preferred lender loyalty program

Our preferred lender also has a "loyalty program" that allows you to refinance with no lender fees when interest rates drop in the future. This added flexibility ensures you get the best deals over time.

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Remember, most American wealth is grown through real estate. Investing in a new build home is a long-term wealth-building strategy, and it's a tangible asset that grows in value.

Personalize your new kitchen

Owning a house gives you the freedom

to create a home of your own. You can decorate, renovate, and customize your space to reflect your unique style and needs. It's not just an investment, it's a place to make your own.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to secure your financial future and create a home that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle.

We are here to answer your questions... Contact Robin today and learn more!

Patrick J. Oros

VP | Home Loan Mortgage



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