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Energy Star 101

At Remington, we are striving to do more for our homeowners and to do better for our environment. Our homes always meet EPA Energy Star certifications, verified by 3rd party industry experts.

What does the Energy Star label really mean?

In 1992 the federal government created a label system to provide consumers and businesses with an easy to understand, reliable and unbiased way to shop for energy efficient household appliances. And the benefits of energy star products are:

  • Energy efficient product.

A product with an energy star label is independently certified, and more efficient than its competitors without the label. In 2020 alone, energy star certified products helped to save 520 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the US. Per an article in HomeAdvisor on the subject of energy star appliances, “…energy efficiency standards have already saved American homeowners in the neighborhood of $200 billion to date, or about $2,000 per household.”

  • More money in your pocket.

More efficient products equals smaller utility bills, about $42 billion less in 2020 alone.

  • Decreasing your carbon footprint.

More efficient products burn less fuel, and in 2020 reduced green house gas emissions by 180 million metric tons. Per the National Resource Defense Council:

A new Energy Star–certified model offers major carbon savings… an Energy Star model could prevent more than 5,000 pounds of carbon pollution over five years...”

  • Tax credit

Get a tax credit for everything from solar panels to energy efficient heating and cooling systems. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, states.

”… households that take steps to improve their energy efficiency stand to reap financial benefits…(as in the form of)… tax breaks and rebates...In all, consumers may qualify for up to $10,000 — or more — in tax breaks and rebates, depending on the scope of their purchases.”

The use of energy efficient products is part of a clean energy transition. We can fight the worst effects of climate change while being cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Check out the links below for more detailed information, and ask your local builder about their energy star options.



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